& she said...


That Outkast performance at Coachella was one of the most disappointing things I’ve ever seen.

What a disgracefully flat crowd that didn’t really understand what/who they were listening to.

I feel bad for 3000. He looked uncomfortable to begin the show. But by the end of the…

Can I just play the Trophies instrumental on a loop instead of giving a speech at graduation?

There is a special love in my heart for Cam’ron that not even Killa Season: The movie can taint.

If you happen to brush shoulders wit me by accident, play lotto, nine out of ten times you gonna win nigga.
Got a top 10 favorite rappers list?








lil wayne

the rest don’t matter tbh

rather listen to icejjfish remake Whitney Houston’s entire music catalog

oh dear god “the rest don’t matter”…i think this person made a typo.

fuck yall talmbout “i dont like kodz” is a typo that shit there ain’t no fuckin typo bitch i die about this shit

Nah, that’s the worst top 3 i ever seen tho, but niggas got their tastes.

Is that real? That can’t be a real top 3. Even niggas that don’t listen to rap know to sprinkle some Andre 3k, or at the very least some Pac & Big in there just so they don’t get laughed at.

but you right, to each their own I guess.

97% of me working on my thesis is me staring at my shit like

When Hulu advertises the show I’m watching during the show I’m watching…s’like, bro…you already won. What kind of Xzibit-esque marketing scheme is this?

they arguing ‘bout whose real
a bunch of niggas dressing like dru hill
dude, chill.

they arguing ‘bout whose real

a bunch of niggas dressing like dru hill

dude, chill.


Do you mind telling me how the acid trip goes

It was lovely.

I watched every episode of Cosmos with some homies, the visuals were wild, and I came to some realizations about some friendships that I needed to cut off.

About to drop some acid.
:p :)